Message from the Minister

Hello, Tanshi, Bonjour, Maarsii,


As the Minister of Environment for the Nation, it is my pleasure to present our citizens with this new website.  The intent of this website is to highlight the key activities and initiatives we are undertaking on the environment file.  Over the past two years the MN-S Ministry of Environment has grown in capacity and will continue to grow as we strengthen our partnerships with both the Federal and Provincial Governments and regulators. 


Engagement with the Métis citizens of Saskatchewan is a key priority of the current MN-S government administration.  As a Minister part of my mandate includes ensuring that our communities are engaged through open and collaborative processes.  Through this new website we will be able to effectively communicate with the Nation’s citizens and communities to constructively add priorities to the MN-S Government’s agenda regarding the environment, climate change, wild-life management, water security and relative regulatory processes.


Through regular activity reports, briefing-notes, and timelines, we will be able to show transparency and incremental progress in our work as we approach goals, objectives, and major milestones.  These general documents will be uploaded to the website for all Métis citizens to access. 






Mervin ‘Tex’ Bouvier

MN-S Minister of Environment

Minister Bouvier.jpg