Vanguards of New Environmental Stewardship

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MN-S) represents approximately 160,000 individuals who can claim Métis heritage. The structure of the MN-S is 12 Regions and 108 locals. The Federal Government and the Métis Nation signed the Framework Agreement at Batoche on July 20, 2018. This historic arrangements has set forth a process to move forward as a Nation to Nation partnership on a range of legal and jurisdictional issues, amongst which is environmental stewardship.

The need for this role is self-evident but opportunities for meaningful work to obtain and assess environmental data and to mitigate negative outcomes is limited. A major factor limiting success is a lack of Nation capacity stemming from previous Federal Governments not providing financial support.

Within the new spirit of partnership and co-management, we are proposing that an environmental stewardship affiliate be created to ensure success of environmental stewardship programs that address the priorities of the Métis Nation. The benefits expected to be realized are as follows:

1. Sustainable multi-year support to develop capacity will allow the Métis Nation to engage with and move towards self-management of environmental stewardship issues.

2. MN-S Climate Resilience Strategy a partnership with the Govt of Sask Environment Ministry will assist the Métis in achieving the environmental stewardship as well.

3. Allow locals and regions to interface with and have access to the centralized

resources of the affiliate.

4. The MN-S have also created partnership agreements with Canadian Environmental

Assessment Agency.

We foresee this model requiring a structure that includes a director, three environmental technicians, twelve regional technicians and resources allocated to retain environmental consultants as needed to begin the training and mentorship process.

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