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IAAC Policy Workshop (Bill C-69)

On February 15, 2020 the MN-S Ministry of Environment engaged with Métis elected officials in the province in a session that provided information about Bill C-69, 'An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts', and collected the thoughts the citizens have about the new regulatory legislation. 


Bill C-69 is an act that amends laws that enhances the environmental assessment process.  In 2012, the Impact Assessment Act diminished the regulatory process.  The new legislation is a balanced approach which takes a deeper consideration of environmental assessments in natural resource mining and infrastructure projects that transport the products to economic makets. 


A facilitation team from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) guided participants through the engagement session, collected the responses, transcribed and collated the responses to provide Métis Nation - Saskatchewan a complete final report on the engagement session.   

IAAC Presentation to the Metis Nation - Saskatchewan

Collaborative Development of an Indigenous Knowledge Policy Framework 

Presentation to the Metis Nation - Saskatchewan

Questions that were asked by IAAC officials at this session:


The views of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan are being sought on principles, best practices and elements for the development of the Indigenous Knowledge Policy Framework, including the consideration and protection, from unauthorized disclosure, of confidential Indigenous knowledge provided in project reviews and regulatory decisions.

In providing feedback, the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan may wish to consider the following general questions:

A principles-based Indigenous knowledge policy framework

What principles should guide the Government of Canada in the consideration and protection from unauthorized disclosure of confidential Indigenous knowledge in proposed project reviews and regulatory decisions?

What existing best practices could help inform and guide the development of a policy framework?

Consideration of Indigenous knowledge provided in project reviews and regulatory decisions

How can meaningful consideration of Indigenous knowledge be promoted in project reviews and regulatory decisions?

What principles and values are key to the understanding of Indigenous knowledge?

What are some protocols, best practices or guidance in considering Indigenous knowledge?

Respect and protection of Indigenous knowledge provided in proposed project reviews and regulatory decisions

What principles, practices and protocols should be in place to promote the respect and protection of Indigenous knowledge?

How should confidential Indigenous knowledge be recorded or stored by government?

Other questions for consideration

How can the government balance the need for transparency under the Impact Assessment Act, with legislative requirements for the confidentiality and protection of Indigenous knowledge?

What measures could be put in place to ensure that Indigenous knowledge is considered and protected from unauthorized disclosure in the substitution of a process?

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